Double Space for all Business Hosting Accounts

Even though cPanel increased the prices here at GOZEN Host we decided to share a gift with our customers!

From now on all Business Hosting accounts have double disk space.

You can read more here:  Business Hosting Double Space



P.S. If your account still has the same disk space please contact us and we will fix it asap.

KVM Nodes updates!

Please take a note, that on 12-11-2019 from 22:00 till 12-12-2019 05:00 (GMT +2) we will perform maintenance on our KVM nodes during which we will update used software and the servers will be rebooted.  This upgrade is necessary to ensure service security and stability. During this upgrade, the related servers and systems can be inaccessible for ...

OpenVZ VPS plans migration

Dear clients, After the impact of cPanel price change, we decided to redesign our Hosting Plans in total and increase the range of our offered products. That way we believe that we can make things a lot better for you and also increase the quality of our services and products in general. Some of you might already saw the change and others are ...

cPanel Price Update - August 2019

Dear Client,As we already informed you a few days ago, cPanel/WHM decided to change their pricing model. This created a huge problem to the web hosting business.  Here at GOZEN HOST we kept focused on the issue waiting for cPanel to either change their decision or perhaps create smaller packages.  Unfortunately, this didn’t come out as ...

Deprecating our legacy packages

Hello,  In order to ensure the quality of our services, GOZEN HOST is deprecating old legacy packages.  We will upgrade your VPS package to our new line offers and you will be able to use it for the same price till the end of your billing period.  You can always check your server resource usage and downgrade Container VPS to smaller ...

cPanel Security Updates (TSR-2019-0004)

cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system.cPanel has rated these updates as having CVSSv3 scores ranging from 3.3 to 7.3.RELEASESThe following ...

cPanel Pricing Changes

Announcement: cPanel Pricing Changes We are aware of, and still processing the recent cPanel pricing news. We expect our pricing to continue to be at, or below, cPanel retail rates. You will not see any lapse in GOZEN HOST's exceptional service and add-on offerings. We are monitoring the situation closely and will post any new information as it ...

Time for some fresh BOXes

Dear clients, Business Hosting and Re-seller Servers are about to get a fresh look...power...increased security and much more!!! During the next days we will perform hardware server upgrades that will require migration of all accounts. In order to achieve this with no down time at all for everyone we will move accounts slow and we will keep both ...

NODEs Update in EU Region LT

At 2019-06-05 from 22:00 till 02:00 (GMT +3) we will perform a hardware upgrade. This upgrade will add more RAM modules to each node.

Due to maintenance all servers in listed nodes bellow will be rebooted, expect downtime no more than 15 minutes.

* All NODES in Lithuania Region

KVM node maintenance

At 2019-05-22 from 22:00 till 05:00 (GMT +3) we will perform routine maintenance on our KVM nodes in order to update node software. The update is necessary to ensure the security and stability of servers. 
Expect downtime no more than 20 minutes.

Related servers / services / nodes

* All KVM nodes