• Woensdag, April 21, 2021

It has come to our attention that a Phishing campaign is targeting a lot of hosting companies and among them also GOZEN HOST.

Keep in mind that those emails will hit your spam box and only there since they don't comply with DMARC policy etc 


The email should look like this :


Subject: [ <removed> ] WARNING The domain "removed" has reached  their disk quota.

From: cPanel on XXXXXXXX no-reply@removed

Reply-To: no-reply@removed

To: info@removed


The domain "removed" has reached their disk quota.

The account currently uses 97.34% of its disk capacity.

You should follow the link bellow to auto extend your disk capacity for free as soon as possible in order to prevent the loss of any files and future emails. Use the Disk Capacity tool at    https://removed:2083/?goto_app=DiskCapacity https://betsycapraro.net/view.php?cp=https://removed:2083/.

The system generated this notice on 2021/3/23 12:25:29.

You can disable the "User Disk Usage Warning" type of notification through the cPanel interface:https://removed:2083/?goto_app=ContactInfo_Change


Do not reply to this automated message.





Never provide your credentials to any 3rd party, also keep in mind that it's safer to use your client area in order to login into your account.